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My Top 5 Favourite Childhood books of all time

CC: Patrick Breitenbach

5. The Tiger Who Came For Tea – Judith Kerr

WOW this is one of the classics that will never ever get old. I absolutely loved this book as a kid and it brings back so many memories! I loved the magic in it and I really believed that we could all invite a tiger over for tea. RIP Judith Kerr 1923 – 2019

4. On The Way Home – Jill Murphy

I forgot about this little classic when I started doing this list. Once again this brings back so many good memories of being in primary school and relishing in the main characters imagination within the story. The story is about a girl who hurts her knee and on her way home she meets a variety of friends and tells each one of them elaborate excuses each one more extravagant than the next on how she hurt her knee. A childhood favourite!

3. A Witch In Time – Terry Deary

Most famous for his Horrible Histories, Terry Deary still packs a punch in this awesome short story about a young girl who travels forward in time after she is accused of being a witch. I remember listening to this in primary school and got my real taste of a story climax when the teacher stopped reading at the most crucial bit of the story. I bought this in a charity shop when I was like 10 and it smells of an old church which adds to the atmosphere of the book. I only realise that Terry Deary is from Sunderland and that I should have added him to my 5 Geordie Authors from my neck of theΒ woods.

2. Goosebumps – RL.Stine

I absolutely loved ALL! of the Goosebumps Books as a kid but Vampire Breath is one of my favourites and I loved the TV episode of it. So cringe yet so scary Goosebumps was my first taste of the horror genre and I believe it stemmed to my love of thrillers and horror films which I love. I loved the later Goosebumps books Series 2000 where you could choose your own outcomes for your characters by the choices you make. Applause for RL Stine who really put the shivers in us during the 90s.

1 . Saga of Darren Shan

But to top of my list of best childhood books it has to be the master of horror himself, the legend that is Darren Shan. I love these books and have read the saga twice. I honestly believed that they were true stories because at the beginning of the first one it is stated that it is a true story. I then visited Darren Shan in Waterstones, Newcastle in 2004 for a signing. (Click here to see original article). There I was at the front of the que waiting to get my copies signed (Which I still have) and the shop assistant asks if the light is too bright on Darren. Being a naive little 11 year old I honestly believed she asked this because Darren was a real life vampire who had gone through all of the events within the Saga. If that is not good story telling then I don’t know what is. I absolutely love all of these books and highly recommend them to any age!!!

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